Antique Radio Repair

Add a unique piece
to your collection
from this modern
day artist. All art is
done in bas-relief
onto special 100 yr
old cypress.


Service Provided

We can help capture any special moment are memories of someone or someplace into aged cypress, making a 3 dimensional painting called bas-relief come alive for you to treasure and share with everyone. Many of my works speak for themself, and you will be astonished on what life I can bring into a old piece of cypress. All of this can be done just from a photo sent to me with a little background of what the photo pertains, I can create from small to very large 3 dimensional paintings.

Call or write today, and place a order for one of those special paintings and have your own very special talented artist create that special collectiable just for you. Orders are taken in the order in which they are received.

Each paintings comes hand numbered and signed and is recorded into a sale log.

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