Antique Radio Repair

Add a unique piece
to your collection
from this modern
day artist. All art is
done in bas-relief
onto special 100 yr
old cypress.


About Henry Watson

"Henry Watson"
An article by Susan D. Mustafa

     His grandmother was blind, and he
was her eyes, riding around the back
roads of Louisiana describing to her
what he saw - old antebellum homes,
rivers and bayous, moss-laden oaks,
and scruffy dogs chasing children
through yards littered with broken-
down cars. She had raised him,
taught him the value of hard work,
and through her blindness, taught
him to see. And it was through being
able to see - light and color and
shadows - that he became an artist.

     Henry Watson was 15 when he started wood carving at Livonia High School in an art class. He watched his instructor carving, decided he wanted to master the craft, grabbed a screwdriver, and went to work. It did not take him long to discover that a screwdriver would not work, so he picked up a chisel and has used a mallet and chisel ever since to create three dimensional works of art on old cypress that have people coming from all over the U.S., bringing old photographs for Henry to recreate on wood.

     Two important events happened when Henry was 17. First, he met a painter from Chicago who trained him to view nature and objects three-dimensionally.

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