Antique Radio Repair

Add a unique piece
to your collection
from this modern
day artist. All art is
done in bas-relief
onto special 100 yr
old cypress.


About Henry Watson


"Henry Watson" An article by Susan D. Mustafa (cont.)

     "He asked me to look at a tree and describe what I saw,"Henry said. "I saw leaves and bark. He told me look deeper, to look for the way the light plays across the branches. He told me to look for shadows. Once I got it, I started observing nature. When I saw what he saw, I became a painter."

     Then Lucy Parlange came into his life. Henry was displaying some of his work at a local festival when Lucy approached and told him that his carvings were very nice. "Are you going to sell that?" Lucy asked. "Are you going to buy it?" Henry responded. "Yes," Lucy said, and that is how Henry started selling his work. Lucy told him, "Henry, if you keep doing what you are doing, the world will beat a pathway to your door.? She was right.

     Today, Henry's studio is located on the Parlange Plantation property in Oscar, La., just outside of New Roads on False River, and the world does indeed beat a pathway to the door of the old building that houses beautiful wood carvings of homes, cabins, and small pieces of history. The Parlange Plantation, just next door, also

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